The Vietnam Business Forum Secretariat (VBF Secretariat) was established in February 2012 to play a coordination role for all VBF activities to ensure smooth function of the VBF and directly reports to the Management Board of the VBF Consortium.

    The main role and responsibilities of the Secretariat are:

    • Coordinate the bi-annual plenary forums, provide support to the Co-chairmen of the Management Board and Working Group Heads;
    • Support the facilitation efforts of the Working Groups to address issues of concern raised by the Working Groups and liaise with the Ministry of Planning and Investment to arrange the Working Groups’ high-level meetings, bi-annual forums and other events;
    • Manage information across the Working Groups and consolidate recommendations/strategies that could address the cross-cutting issues;
    • Conduct follow-up with Government counterparts on various issues raised by VBF;
    • Monitor progress, compile progress reports on issues raised by VBF and communicate widely to stakeholders.