Midterm VBF 2018: Linkages between domestic and FDI businesses towards common goals

    This forum focused on the themes of increasing the bond between the FDI sector and local businesses. The crux of the problem is technology. With measures relating to technology
    absorbability and the ability to master and develop technology of local businesses remaining low, they lack the capability to successfully network with the FDI sector. The question is what can FDI do and what support, interaction and connections can it provide to help domestic firms to grow. What should domestic businesses do to upgrade their skills and ability to absorb technology and what support should the government provide to connect the two sectors?

    The forum also touched upon many other issues – law enforcement, inconsistency in interpreting and applying the rule of law, environment for technology transfers, equities, energy, tax and customs concerns. The government has directed the MPI to work on a PPP Law. A tentative plan is for the ministry to submit the law to the National Assembly to pass and enact it by 2019. The ministry invites the FDI community and all concerned parties to contribute feedback on the bill for it to have the best quality.

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