Joining the Attitude to Energy in Vietnam: Foreign Direct Investor Consumer Survey, initiated by VBF Power & Energy Working Group. Deadline: Tuesday, 15th October 2019

    VBF Power & Energy Working Group has been implementing the Sustainable Energy Engagement Project in 2019 with the aim to enhance engagement of private sector in the sustainable energy area through:

    1. continuing the further development of a functioning private sector;
    2. aligning the private sector made up of Vietnamese and International developers and investors into a common and bigger voice; and
    3. organizing consultation workshops with relevant private sector stakeholders to make policy recommendations to the Government of Vietnam as policymakers to promote and accelerate improvements in business climate for private sector’s investments in the clean energy and energy efficiency markets of Vietnam.

    As one of the project activities to materialize the mentioned purposes, VBF Power & Energy Working Group would like to conduct the “Attitude to Energy in Vietnam: Foreign Direct Investor Consumer Survey” to refer opinions of FDI energy users in Vietnam regarding energy related issues, e.g.: price sensitivity, demand for clean energy, energy incentives to enable Vietnam a more attractive FDI destination, …. The survey findings is expected to be a useful reference for the government in the development process of the Power Development Plan 8.

    The survey includes 17 questions and will take you 05 minutes only. Please choose one of the languages below to complete the survey by Tuesday, 15th October 2019. Once completing our 17 questions, you will have chance to win a voucher for two-nights at a 5 star-hotel/ resort in Vietnam. The result of lucky draw will be announced tentatively by 30th October 2019. Please kindly leave your details at the beginning of the survey for our convenience and be assured that any personal data shared with us will be treated at the utmost confidentiality.

    We thank you very much for your time sharing with us your viewpoints and look forward to your feedback in due course.

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