Annual VBF 2019: Roles and support of FDI community in rapid and sustainable development

    The Annual VBF 2019 was held successfully this morning, Friday, 10 January 2020 at Sheraton Hotel Hanoi with more than 600 participants. In his speech, Deputy PM Trinh Dinh Dung stated that in recent years, along with a stable and increasingly improved business environment, Vietnamese enterprises have registered strong developments in terms of both the quantity and quality. In the time ahead, the Government will focus on solving some issues, including prioritizing investment in synchronous infrastructure development and helping to create intelligent, effective connections, thus reducing costs and enhancing the efficiency and competitiveness for businesses, investors and the economy, he emphasized. In particular, the Government encourages strong investment in education and science-technology, improving the quality of human resources, and supporting the business community towards a circular economy and innovation in business activities, Deputy PM Dung added. He revealed that the Government will deploy many specific programs and plans to implement guidelines and policies encouraging and creating favorable conditions for enterprises in all the three sectors (agriculture, industry and service) towards co-development.

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