Meeting between Deputy Governor of the SBV and VBF BWG

    On June 2, 2022, in Hanoi, Deputy Governor of the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) Pham Thanh Ha had a meeting with VBF Banking Working Group (BWG) Exco members and Ms. Michele Wee – BWG Chairperson for the term from 2022 – 2023.

    Deputy Governor Pham Thanh Ha highly appreciated the BWG’s positive contributions, supporting the SBV to effectively handle a number of technical issues. In addition, the SBV has received some positive feedback from other Working Groups, highly appreciating the effective and close coordination between the SBV and the BWG in handling the recommendations at the Annual Business Forum 2021.

    Deputy Governor Pham Thanh Ha also suggested that in 2022, the BWG would continue to closely coordinate with the SBV to handle outstanding issues of 2021, new and possibly arising issues in 2022; coordinate in the implementation of the Plan for 2022 agreed between the SBV and the BWG and can research and implement a number of tasks in the Strategy for Development of the Banking Industry in Vietnam to 2025, orientation to 2030 and the Action Plan banking industry 2021 – 2025.

    The SBV will focus on the following priority issues: (i) Reviewing legal regulations in line with market development; (ii) Action plan of the banking sector to implement the National Strategy on Green Growth for the period of 2021 – 2030, with a vision to 2050 and to support the Bank in attracting resources to realize green and sustainable development goals. steady; (iii) Digital transformation of the banking industry; and (iv) The role of the State Bank in the management and supervision of credit institutions participating in the capital market, contributing to the development of a safe and sustainable capital market.

    At the meeting, the Monetary Policy Department also responded to the BWG on a number of issues related to: (i) Circular 39/2016/TT-NHNN on lending activities of credit institutions and foreign bank branches with customers; and (ii) Capital market development. The Payment Department also responded to BWG on some contents related to the digital transformation of the banking industry. The Credit Department for Economic Sectors also gave BWG some feedback on: (i) Bankability for Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) for renewable energy projects and (ii) Loosening current regulations on credit granting for Green Finance.

    BWG also held a great night of networking dinner with DG Ha & SBV leaders at the Hotel de L’opera Hanoi where we had more time to develop the bilateral relationship, speak and celebrate.

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