The Annual Vietnam Business Forum themed “BUSINESS COMMUNITY IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE GOVERNMENT OF VIETNAM IN FOSTERING GREEN GROWTH” is started on 17 March 2023 with the Technical Session chaired by Vice Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc and VBF Co-Chairmen Mr Soren Roed Pedersen and Mr Pham Tan Cong.

    Under the leadership of Mrs. Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc and representatives from relevant departments of other Ministries, reports from our 11 VBF Working Groups, the event attracts more than 400 participants to listen to legal analysis, identification of challenges and practical solutions.

    With the spirit of accompanying the Government of Vietnam, the theme of our Forum this year is “the Business Community joining hands with the Government of Vietnam in promoting green growth”. Green growth and sustainable development have been identified as one of the focus of development policies in many countries around the world in recent years. Following this trend, Vietnam is also one of the countries in the region that soon approached the green growth model. In the opening speech of the technical session on Friday, March 17, Vice Minister Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc emphasized and reaffirmed the importance of green growth and the key point of the Green Growth Strategy in Vietnam is to balance the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions with the goal of socio-economic development, towards sustainable development, contributing to economic restructuring associated with growth model innovation.

    At the first part “Ready for Energy Transition period & Circular Economy” and “Sustainable development”, the speeches which represented the business community including: Power and Energy, Environment, Agribusiness, Investment & Trade, Digital Economy and Infrastructure… covering on a variety of priority issues in the priority areas identified by the Government of Vietnam.

    The second part “Competitiveness in new circumstances” is identified is a national strategy. VBF Working Groups represented the business community covering issues in a wide range of areas including: Tax & Customs, Education & Training, Human Resources, Tourism and Mining.

    Along with reports from the VBF Working Groups, representatives of relevant ministries and sectors had direct responses to the issues raised at the Technical Session.

    In the closing remarks, Vice Minister Ngoc summarized the two main groups of focus at the Technical session: green economy, sustainable development and improving competitiveness in the new context.

    • Green development and green transition is the optimal choice for sustainable development and the growth engine for Vietnam in the medium and long term, but also poses great challenge for us. Therefore, we hope to have the business community’s companionship.
    • Public-private resources and legal framework play a key role for Vietnam to attract private sector investment.

    All the issues are consolidated for reporting to the Prime Minister at the High-level Session on March 19, 2023.

    The full report of Technical Session, Annual VBF can be downloaded at:

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