Banking WG meeting with relevant Gov authorities on E-signature Draft Decree

    On 14th Jun 2024, the Vietnam Business Forum (VBF) hosted a significant technical meeting at the MPI Headquarters to discuss the Draft Decree on E-Signature and Trusted Services with the participation of various Government authorities, such as the Office of the Government, Ministry of Information and Communications, Ministry of Justice of Vietnam, Ministry of Planning and Investment, Vietnam, The State Bank of Vietnam. Moderated by Mr. Do Van Su – Deputy Director of MPI Foreign Investment Agency, Mr. Duc Tran – CoHead of VBF Investment & Trade WG, and Mr. Kojima Masao – Head of VBF Banking WG, the discussion focused on businesses’ main concerns on the scope and requirements for secured specialized E-Signatures as outlined in the Draft Decree and the Law on E-signatures.

    The Draft Decree is up for approval by the Government soon, making this meeting an important step in refining the regulatory framework pertaining to E-Signatures that is crucial for business activities of various sectors, especially banking, securities, and insurance. The collaborative discussions and insights shared during this meeting were vital in enhancing and clarifying the proposed regulations in this field.

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